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Happy To Be Here! I am Jookly. The MOIN community manager.

Hello out there everyone. I want to introduce myself and say how stoked I am that MOIN is two years old and now on reddit.
I have been with MOIN since pretty much the beginning. I participated in the swap to MOIN 2.0 and created the website
I got into crypto currencies during the late summer of 2013 as bitcoin was beginning its first rise to $1200 . Prior to that I had only experimented briefly with LTC mining, I didn't have much mining power though and so I didn't continue pursuing that.
I read in a wall street journal article that Kanye West was threatening to sue the creator of a coin called Coinye. I thought that was just too funny. I am fan of Kanye's music and I figured I needed to have some of these coins as collectibles. Just sounded fun. So I went on the internet and found some coinye coins. In the process though I realized that their were many of these "altcoins" popping up. I learned that people had setup exchanges to trade them against bitcoin. I thought this all sounded like something I wanted to learn more about.
I dont really remember anything about Coinye after that. What I do remember is being lead via reddit to dogecoin. Not long after that I bought a gfx card to mine dogecoin with. Soon I was mining all the new launches on bitcointalk and trying to trade the coins. Lots of time passes, many lessons learned.
Eventually I discovered MOIN. It stood out to me immediately because I am a big fan of visual design. It also met many of the technical specifications I find attractive in a long term staking coin. Also, I got along with the developer, KingCaper. He listened to me and answered my questions. He was able to fix problems.
I had wanted to contribute to a crypto project in a meaningful way for a while and MOIN started to feel like a good fit. Eventually I created the website as a way to unofficially interact with the MOIN community and keep a historical record of MOIN's journey. I established the Moin Movement Foundation Fund so that we will have MOIN set aside to use to the systems benefit when necessary. We built this fund off of donations and also through raffles and sticker sales. True grassroots.
Somewhere in there KingCaper asked me if I would officially join the team as community manager. I was excited to accept and do my best to pretend I know what a community manager is to this very day.
I believe that crypto currencies are an important part of our future. By working together and practicing our creativity we have the opportunity to make MOIN a permanent fixture in the industry.
If you have any questions about MOIN or ideas for The Moin Movement feel free to talk to me.
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