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Your top 3 crypto currencies?

Hi All, I have just watched a couple of documentaries on bitcoin and as you can imagine they have sparked my interest. I have been trying for a couple of weeks to open an account with bitoasis and although I found this easy I have been unable to transfer cash from my bank account... annoying. Anyway, the price of bitcoins is so high that it feels a bit depressing just having enough cash to buy 1. I was wondering if some people might give me there personal opinions on their top three alternatives to bitcoin (providing I can get them in Dubai) Thanks in advance!
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Buying Bitcoin in UAE

Hi bitcoin,
Here in UAE bitcoin is slowly taking off. I, for one am interested and have watched this subreddit for the past few months. I would like to buy bitcoin. Here in UAE we have 1 exchange and that is igot. I hear bad reviews from them from this subreddit, so it's putting me off it.
I was wondering what would be the best possible outcome would be for me to purchase bitcoin with a very low fee or none for that matter. I travel from Here to US, EU, and Canada a lot. So if I am able to purchase using my bitcoin that would be great!
Much Thanks!
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[Hiring] - Social Media Manager

n Rapidly Growing Global Business n Manage Global Social Media Networks n Work From Home
igot is an innovative Australian start-up and one of the world’s fastest growing Bitcoin exchange platforms. Having achieved stellar growth igot now has a presence in over 40 countries and operations in seven countries and growing.
We need a highly capable and switched on Social Media Manager to plan, execute and manage social media channels as we go global. This is an exciting time for us, and this is a challenging role that offers flexibility, autonomy and the opportunity to set the social media strategy and have a major impact on the business.
Duties in brief: n Promote and build awareness of igot’s Bitcoin exchange platform amongst targeted global community bases, developing PR and brand awareness campaigns. n Create, monitor, curate, respond to and manage content and related Bitcoin industry news that that develops and expands community awareness of igot’s service offering.. n Support user acquisition through the creation and delivery of content marketing through social media, blogs, EDMs, SEM/SEA and promotional events. n Become a champion in Social Media spaces, engaging in dialogues and answering questions where appropriate. n Monitor the impact of Social Media campaigns - analyse, review, and report on effectiveness of campaigns in an effort to maximise results. n Proactive engagement and management of Bitcoin communities and related sites – engage members, promote content and showcase igot through case studies, interviews and blog posts. n Provide insights for marketing stakeholders to enhance user experience, and support the development of platform and promote growth and recognition of igot’s brand.
Requirements: n You will hold a degree in marketing/communications/relevant discipline plus have a proven track record in social media and content marketing gained over the past 3-5 years. n Demonstrable experience in growing and developing user communities – involvement in Bitcoin industry groups highly regarded. n Superior written and verbal communication skills n Demonstrable ability to work independently and self-direct to achieve goals. n Ability to work across a broad set of objectives and deliver successful outcomes.
Remuneration: A highly competitive salary package will be awarded the successful candidate.
For more info, go to - http://www.adroitpeople.com.au/?p=4875
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Bitcoin Trader Review *UPDATE* - Legit Profits or Scam ... Bitcoin System SCAM or LEGIT? Watch this Bitcoin System ... I Survived on Only Bitcoin for 24 Hours - YouTube Bitcoin - I got SCAMMED For $10,000 - YouTube BTC Robot Review- How I Got SCAMMED!!!

Bitcoin not exchanged. I asked to exchange biotcoin to NZD and this has been pending for 20+ days. Customer support offer no resolution and closed my call. I'm now trying to get my 2.1 bitcoin transferred to another wallet outside of igot - and this is pending and has been for over a week. DO NOT USE THIS SERVICE - ITS A CON. igot Review . Overview. igot is a crypto-currency exchange based in Australia. Founded by Patrick Manasse and Rick Day, they also have branches in the Netherlands and India as well. ... Level 2 also requires your first BitCoin buy transaction to be made at igot.com. One may find these customer level confusing and unnecessary, however we think ... If you see a positive review of Bitcoin Era, it is fake, it is a paid promotion. Or worse, it was published directly by scammers who run this system. In our Bitcoin Era review we provide the top 3 undeniable proofs that this system is a scam. 1. Multiplied scam. As we have already mentioned, Bitcoin Era is in fact just an old scam with a new name. Check our Bitcoin Code Review first before you start trading to know is it legit or a scam broker by checking our in-depth review of bitcoin code auto trading. ... the traders also got another shock when the Bitcoin price yet again plunged to as low as $3,850 at the beginning of March from approximately $10,200. Now, once again, volatility has ... Bitcoin. I invested with the minimum which soon increased after meeting with about 3 or 4 other people. I do not understand how this works and for that reason I made Bitcoin aware I wanted to terminate my account,also that someone had tried to committ fraud on my visa debit card shortly after I had invested.i was advised that I would lose half of my money if I terminated the account so soon as ...

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Bitcoin Trader Review *UPDATE* - Legit Profits or Scam ...

Today I try to survive on only a Bitcoin for 24 hours. It might be harder than the penny challenge ironically. oh well. im a robot Watch another video http... Read my BTC Robot Review before purchasing the Product and Avoid Getting Scammed visit my site to learn how I got scammed http://btc-robot-reviews.com/ An in-depth review of the Bitcoin Code Crypto trading robot. We registered on the platform and made a few trades. Unlike the other reviewers we actually foll... Lets talk about Bitcoin and what I THINK caused the recent jump in price - enjoy! Add me on Instagram: GPStephan The YouTube Creator Academy: Learn EXACTLY h... Sign up to Bitcoin Era today: https://bit.ly/39fk6zK Bitcoin Era is a viral trading bot that helps traders make thousands of dollars trading Bitcoin. The r...